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600 Rene-Levesque West :
A Historical Building To Write Your Story In

Downtown Montréal has a heart, and it beats the strongest in the city block where 600 Rene-Levesque West resides.

Just a few minutes’ walk from Square Victoria, Square Phillips, and the prestigious Queen Elizabeth Hotel, this is a decidedly royal neighbourhood. Crowning this chic square is 600 René-Lévesque West, proudly standing at the intersection of Rene-Levesque Boulevard West and Beaver Hall Hill.

There’s no better address to be right in the center of Montréal.

Seeking an Ambitious and Creative Tenant

Built in 1949, 600 Rene-Levesque West is a landmark building in downtown Montréal. Today, it seeks to be occupied by an ambitious tenant who has a concrete vision to make this exceptional building their flagship headquarters. Its structure and location are already unique: all that's missing is your vision.

Everything is possible: your ideas and desires will be our project. Let's work together to create a space that matches your ambitions.

Your Offices in an Architectural
Gem of Downtown Montréal

The Advantages of 600 Rene-Levesque West

Taking residence within the 112,000 square feet available at 600 Rene-Levesque West means:

An address of historical prestige with impressive architecture to welcome your clients and employees.

Located within 3 minutes of all public transportation in Montréal: Square-Victoria and McGill metro stations, a REM station, buses, train station, BIXI bike stations, and parking facilities.

Right in the heart of the business and commercial district, near the most important shopping streets and renowned shopping centers.

Proximity to gastronomic destinations that contribute to Montréal’s enviable culinary reputation.

A magnificent historical building in the royal district of Montréal.

The Difference 600 Rene-Levesque West Offers :
Creative Freedom

At 600 Rene-Levesque West, you have free reign. The twelve floors of this unique building in Montréal’s landscape are your canvas:


  • 112,000 square feet spread across twelve airy floors that will serve as a blank canvas for your project.
  • You’re at home: the entire tower is available. It is a golden opportunity for a tenant to establish its headquarters right in the heart of downtown Montréal.
  • Exterior signage is possible.
  • Possibility of balconies on the 10th floor and a terrace on the 11th floor.
  • A breathtaking lobby with 30-foot ceilings.
  • Highly secure.
  • Generous natural light and splendid views of the downtown area from every floor.

Get in Touch

We are looking forward to hearing about your vision
for this jewel of Montréal’s urban heritage.

    We Answer your Queries

    Can I lease 600 Rene-Levesque West in its entirety?

    Absolutely. 600 Rene-Levesque West is seeking occupation by a company that will make it its flagship headquarters right in the heart of Montréal. Its ideal location and bold, modern architecture make it the perfect building for the headquarters of a forward-thinking company. Added to this is the unparalleled bustle of the neighbourhood, home to Montréal’s most important commercial streets and several of its most renowned gastronomic destinations. Your headquarters would join this vibrant hub of business and culture at 600 Rene-Levesque West. Groupe Petra, specializing in the conceptualization and renovation of living environments, is eager to assist you in realizing your plans for this unique building in Montréal’s landscape.

    Which services are available in the building?

    The services offered in the building will be tailored to your needs. Groupe Petra understands more than anyone the impact of building services on its tenants’ quality of life. As 600 Rene-Levesque West seeks a tenant to establish its Montréal headquarters, the tenant will have complete control over the services available in the building. Whether the tenant desires a fitness center, healthy restaurants, an urban bar, a relaxation area for its employees, a coworking space, a cafeteria and/or anything its heart desires, everything is possible! Groupe Petra will be delighted to assist the tenant in creating the environment that will allow its employees to feel perfectly at home at 600 Rene-Levesque West.

    What is Groupe Petra?

    Since 1986, Groupe Petra has specialized in sustainable real estate management in Montréal and its surroundings. Thanks to its close relationship with its clients and its strong desire to enhance the tenant’s experience, Groupe Petra is recognized in the industry for its tenant-focused service tailored to their specific needs. Specializing in the design and creation of living spaces, Groupe Petra takes pride in listening to its tenants and creating environments that foster their professional growth. Groupe Petra strictly adheres to the highest hospitality standards, as is reflected in the meticulous attention to detail that makes its buildings havens of comfort renowned for their excellent designs. With Groupe Petra, you can be assured that your vision will not only be achieved, but vastly surpassed.